When Nature shows its anger on human civilization, then nations have to learn from mistakes, should search for remedies & introspect what could go wrong if we play around with with nature. This is exactly the truth which happened in last 3 months when one "Rogue Lab in Wuhan, China" had outsourced COVID-19 virus to the entire world. Many experts are asking the question, China should have stopped outflow of people immediately after the Chinese New Year once they realized the gravity of this mistake. They should have self isolated and closed all their exits and airports but instead of doing this they have done the reverse way. This spill over had moved into continents and showing its effect, mostly with people who traveled across the continents and spreading locally with these carriers.

Some governments have ignored the bolder statements written on wall and behaved liberally to attract more danger then they expected. One can argue the same logic of why Spain & Italy are facing so grim situation than China which is the source & origin of Virus. It is simply because the liberal government in Italy, instead of going into quarantine mode, started a campaign of solidarity with Chinese people with Hugs and Kisses selfies. This had lead to huge spread of this Covid-19 virus locally with the arriving Chinese population who acted as carriers.

Indian government had taken the boldest steps to fight this menace, today world does not possess any vaccine or medicine which can counter this pandemic.  Stopping all the movements, lock-down and self quarantine is the only logical solution one can predict. Though many Indians have showed their support in participating self quarantine, many idiots and bigots are still not taking these measure seriously in parts of India. This pandemic will be uncontrollable if it is widespread in third stage in India. Indian medical ecosystem does not have the number of ventilators & beds needed for the patients in masses if this turns pandemic in India. Government is trying its best to eradicate and prevent being spread locally. But people participation is the most important thing without which all efforts will turn into vain.

Though Many Indians have followed the Honorable PM's message of clapping for the warriors of war against Virus. But it also exposed the dark side of the coin where in many took the clapping's as mass gathering or dances or showing the fake patriotism on roads in masses. This is exactly which as said to be avoided by the government and requested for a solidarity by maintaining distance and clapping in their houses or balconies etc.

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It seems that people thought that the curfew or Jantha Bandh was only from morning to evening, as if the COVID-19 will not infect in night. From Monday it seems to be all natural for people to come out for shopping and moving around with no firm reason. Indians have to learn from mistakes and do not repeat the history.

So far government had done commendable job in educating and bringing awareness in masses but still it should also keep a tab and control the irrelevant and fear mongering fake messages being circulated around this virus which might be more dangerous inculcating fear among the mindsets of people. One week lock down should not be compared with slow down or imposing restriction rather it should be taken in a good spirit by the people. Nothing is more important then a life and the dependent people on that life.

Stay home and be safe is the only mantra for winning war against this virus.