Social distancing, Quarantine, prevention and precaution were the basic essence in Hindu culture and tradition. These traditions and culture were mocked by many pseudo intellectuals, western system and some Islamic fundamentalists. But Corona virus pandemic had proved that ancient Hindu culture was the best and more advanced system which taught science in the form of religion and its practice. Every aspect of Hinduism is associated with science and this is what many Indians still adopt and follow till date. It’s simple as per Indian perspective that Quarantine and safe distancing was a norm in our culture and tradition before even Harvard, oxford or any other western university or labs originated. But due to over dependence on Western culture with their education system clubbed by Islamic invasions and destruction of many Gurukuls, Indian universities, vedic literature in India, young generation is devoid of best practices implemented in India. These were much better than ISO or HACCP standards adopted today

Our safety and precautionary norms were exemplary and followed in every day life, Just to give a few examples:

  1. Cremation or Burning the body is done by Hindus, as it was too scientific that the bacteria and microbes associated with the deceased body would have been eliminated. This was quarantine in the best possible way, being adopted now during Corona and many so called intellectuals mocked this system.
  2. When someone died in a house the close people associated with the person died were not allowed to meet anyone or mingle around in society for 13 days which was social distancing. This was called Andh Vishwas by some pseudo intellectuals and western educated people but this is being emphasized as social distancing.
  3. Many home in India used to have a big mud pot or big vessel near so called gate or entrances and all guests coming into house use to wash their hands and legs entering house from the Gate. My of the Grand parents did not study in Harvard or Oxford nor had any education, but they knew these cleanliness process and quarantine technique.
  4. Many temples till today have washing of hands and legs before entering the temple. Not because god said you but its due to reduced risk of getting infected as earlier day temple was the place of social gathering for all events. It was the place where many people use to come from various places across the country and washing hands and legs and also taking bath before entering temple used to make them clean and reduced the rick of spreading any unknown infections for certain extant.
  5. Western people mocked several years on Ayurveda and now several countries are following Yoga and Ayurveda more aggressively than India. As this was the best precautionary medicine and India always believed in precaution and prevention than cure.
  6. Indians always believed in system of making body immune and to certain extend we are with Vatha, Pitha and Jeerna concept.
  7. Earlier large scale Havans or Yagnas were conducted during famine or epidemics or pandemics in villages. This was the most scientific way of purifying the air and kill many disease causing arthropods, germs through asphyxiation with many medicinal herbs, oils and woods being burnt with large scale fire to purefy the surroundings. Today we replaced the same with artificial chemicals further bringing resistance to these germs and destroying the nature with harsh chemicals.
  8. Hindu culture and tradition has a system of washing hands before eating and cleaning banana leaves with warm water and serving rice hot which acted as deterrent and cooking in copper vessels. This was the so called Food standards and regulations at that time which was unwritten but followed meticulously.
  9. The list can go on, so lets not be too dependent on what west or acquired middle east culture says, there is a old saying that Indian Jugaad works more better for India rather than using and being dependent on Western stuff. Now in the current age, we give all sorts of English names of this methodology and quality management systems etc. We ignored all the inbuilt great quarantine and social distancing stuff prescribed in our ancient culture and tradition & started believing blindly on acquired systems. The biggest issue in India is huge diversified Population which needs to be regulated to stop the bubble explode one day.

    America or Europe with with most advanced systems and so called all quality norms are struggling with 30 crore population, whereas India adds another 100 crore population with lesser space. Where as India with its mere basic Health facilities and huge population handled the COVID-19 situation much proactively and with precaution. The only reason is that some Indians still believe in customs, culture and traditions which had made them self quarantined from other. Some radical Islamic organisations like Tabligi Jamaat mocked the system with acquired religion and customs from Middle East and had become the epicenter for wide spread positive cases around the country.

    At the end world needs to understand that every nation has 10% bad people and the same percentage will become 13 crores of population almost half of USA population and more than many European nations. Imagine how India has to cope up with these idiotic 10% which could have never been handled if exported without TOEFL & GRE or screening before entering USA or Europe.

    People need to understand that they were brainwashed by western media that America has the best social security and value for life and India was far behind. But look at the practical on ground situation in India and USA, its complete opposite. India chose LIFE over LIVELIHOOD and Money where as America chose Livelihood and Money over life. This was always the culture and essence of India where in we respect and respected Human life and health over wealth. History just got repeated and showed the real image of India to the world.