Unlike what it is claimed by some Zoom employees and management saying that it is a American company and traded in Nasdaq, it is a well known fact that Zoom is fully backed and supported by the Chinese communist party & Chinese military intelligence. There are some news and blogs popping around stating by Mr. Yuan, Zoom CEO being stated as American citizen, but its a open fact that he is a Chinese and acquired american citizenship in 2007. Biggest fact is that many of the investors and the political backing from Chinese communist party.

The recent blog sent as a damage control by company’s president of engineering and product, Mr. Velchamy Sankarlingam stating that its a American company sounds illogical and childish. They need to answer some pinching questions which the entire world needs to know:

1. Zoom needs to come up with full list of the servers, their locations, access to government, check and verify the content stored & shared elsewhere.

2. Who are the stakeholders, financial sponsors or investors in Zoom

3. Just mentioning that Zoom is listed in Nasdaq and Chinese man with American passport does not prove that the company is fully American.

4. Why did many accounts of users got deleted with the orders of Chinese communist party and military in Hongkong, while they were fighting for their survival and existence. Under whose pressure they have done this ?

5. Why Zoom had to stop meetings related to Taiwanse politicians and had to intervene in internal affairs of Taiwan.

Zoom management needs to understand the basic fact that companies can be listed in any country. This activity does not prove its country identity and political objectives and dimensions. For example Flipkart is listed in Singapore, present investors are Chinese and Americans mostly but founders are Indians. There are many dimensions for a operating entity and in the case of Zoom everything is totally vague and ambiguous. Many companies use subsidiaries and other related companies to hide the originality, which is quite open in business world and transactions. Hence many nations started asking touch questions post COVID, Hongkong fiasco and intrusions by Chinese army in Indian territory.

Most of the damage to Zoom is already done with the over enthusiasm by Chinese military brutally killing brave Indian soldiers. There are now many alternatives available with Indian customers starting from recently launched JIO meet to Google meet etc.

The Anti China sentiment is building up strongly due the expansion objective from china, which will prove fatal to Chinese companies in India. Camouflaged with rogue objectives by Chinese government & military to interfering in other countries internal affairs, China had messed up on its own causing enough damage to the world. It had proved clearly that a Money and Power cannot be allowed to control by Rogue elements with dangerous agendas.

Chinese companies have to pay the price as their government and masters have to be made accountable with deaths of millions across the world with COVID. China had fooled entire world with life coming to a standstill  due to Corona Virus pandemic. It started interfering with internal politics of many countries like elections in America and Canada, dictating terms with cheaper loans with Pakistan, Srilanka and Nepal etc in the region. It had already occupied Tibet and South China sea and started bullying its neighbors. This clearly shows the intentions of this dangerous regime and its quite obvious that banning Chinese apps by Indian government and Chinese goods boycott by Indians is a just a reciprocity to them not a revenge.