The recent troop movement by Pakistan army and Jihadi forces along the LOC amidst the ongoing standoff between Indian and Chinese troops along LAC clearly shows that there is a clear plan that China and Pakistan worked out and trying to open two front lines in war with India.

Intelligence reports suggest that Chinese government who had protected and defended Jaish-e-mohammed terrorist organisation especially protecting Masood Azhar wishes to garner their support in fighting against India. In wake of the same PLA had moved more than 20,000 troops along LAC in addition to the regular troops. This is being supported with 20,000 additional troops across LOC with full cadre of JEM and other Kashmir terror outfits as bomb squads to inflict more damage. Reports that suggest the Chinese are also planning to use terrorism to target India and has also attempting to revive a terrorist groups in Pakistan occupied Kashmir to unleash terror against India.

It is reported openly that the Chinese army is holding talks with terror organisation Al Badr to incite violence in Jammu and Kashmir. Al Badr is a Pakistan-based , terror group that has a history of inflicting terror in Kashmir. China has also been urging Pakistan’s secret-service the ISI to send additional battle-hardened terrorists. This is coupled with some Chinese media mouth pieces which function fully under the name as Indian media to be used as shields to raise the human rights issues, by countering India in psychological warfare.

This activity had started 2 months ago when the conflict had surfaced in Galwan Valley area when Chinese troops have intruded into Indian territory with expansionist goals. Pakistan movement of additional 20,000 forces is no surprise to Indian army.

Pakistan had always been a rental state of china which was acting on the whims and fancies of China against India. Taking Pakistan help in this confrontation is China's compulsion as this will open multi-folded war fronts against India and serves their narratives. This build-up on the borders, along with the China-Pakistan nexus to incite terrorism in Kashmir has brought the possibility of India Arm fighting a two-front war and fighting terrorists in Kashmir.

It is understood that China is holding parallel meetings with Pakistan Army and ISI to develop a module where in with the huge presence of Chinese funded media houses in India and some so called communist party funded intellectuals to inflict damage internally and also open two war fronts externally.

This was well expected by the Indian government and slowly the Un-threading of Chinese investments, apps etc is being done so that India can win both psychological warfare and physical warfare against India. The recent aggressive posture of India against China should be a wake up call for other nations like Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia etc and fight this rogue nation.