Some people in India think that any food or drink available with a western tag is more good than that available in India. Oats seems to be the new trend after cornflakes intrusion in Indian breakfast space. The so called Indian educated elite in India have already shifted their breakfast from Idly, Dosa, poha or Paratha to Oats thinking they will be a superman or superwomen the next day. This is the same old way of Indians becoming victims to western intrusion and poking in Indian way of life with absurd views, thesis and agenda driven marketing and advertisement. Most of the Indians do not understand the slow poison deliberately seeped into common man brains claiming it to be the best food than traditional foods available in India. Whereas it is neither scientifically nor ethically correct, it’s just a cereal which has the same kind of proteins and carbohydrates like all other cereals with some variations. It’s just how big MNC’s promote their food and brands into unregulated markets.

A good breakfast with Millets based foods or Idly, Poha, Dosa etc from cereals will be equally healthy for Indian body pattern rather than banking on oats which is western way of having a breakfast. Many multinational companies thrive on promoting their foods and lifestyle in India due to the biggest fact that they will not get this kind of market anywhere in the world. This is coupled by half knowledge self-grown dietitians and gym instructors who neither have the scientific background and neither have the technical expertise to evaluate on various foods. Indian foods which are basically tested from centuries with age old practices are well more suitable for the lifestyle, climatic conditions and body texture of Indians.

Oats are not grown in India, its grown completely in North America, Australia and some European countries which is the accustomed lifestyle of people of western world which has no relevance in Asian subcontinent. It is promoted and marketed aggressively in India by an American company called Quaker Oats which deals in breakfast cereals range. A fresh new marketing war is now brewing in the great Indian breakfast market. This time around, it is the battle of the oats. It is over 15 years since Kellogg's first launched its range of cornflakes in India, in the hope of persuading Indians to change their breakfast habits. The results have been mixed, yet now the oats brigade is here in full strength, to try its luck. Thanks to the agenda based and biased promoters who just promote anything for money and their survival.

Some consumers in USA claim that Quaker Oats is misleading people by saying 100% natural where as it contains glyphosate. In a 2015 report, glyphosate has been declared as "Carcinogenic to Humans" by the World Health Organization. It has been linked to a number of cancer cases, including breast, thyroid, kidney, pancreas, liver, bladder and myeloid leukemia. And if that is really the case then the Quaker brand's products are not "Natural," "100% Natural," or "Eco-Friendly," as they are labeled and marketed. According to a statement released by Quaker Oats, the levels of glyphosate found in the product are within limits that are considered safe by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Quaker Oats defends themselves by saying that their oats are grown using "eco-friendly" methods, but the chemical glyphosate is sprayed on the oats as a drying agent shortly prior to harvest. A law suit filed in California against Quaker oats substantiates this version and why we Indians have to adopt these foods is a big question. Is it that India does not have any good breakfast or we were all weak eating our traditional foods all these ages??

There is neither scientific proof nor a data which shows that Indian traditional breakfasts are inferior to Oats in any way. But this makes no sense in the great biased Indian advertising space as it does not yield money and neither gets them dollars through western propaganda. It is well known fact that Indo-African breed is considered to the best breed for hard physical work from ages, that’s the reason many workers, slaves and laborers were picked from these areas and were used by white people during 17th and 18th centuries. So big question arises what these Indian and African breed people ate from ages Oats or traditional meals which are much more nutritious and healthy rather than just blindly following whatever western media and its agendas.

Biggest problem in new India is that people are not ready to accept the fact that it’s not the food which has to be changed. It’s the lifestyle and living habits which they have to change in the current era, where in all good old things are being vanished making way for foolish foods making Indian breed more susceptible for many diseases and making the Strong Indian body with rough, agile and potent structure to weak and hollow body which looks good from outside but nothing inside.

Branded cereal breakfast market is approximately 1700 crore per annum market in India, and expected to rise 25% year on year (YOY) basis reaching close to 2600 crore by 2020. At the same time it’s a burden on exchequer where in India imports most of the Oats from Australia, USA, UAE & Some European countries. India is now the world’s largest importer of oat products behind the US and Mexico, is reporting total oat product imports up 16.7% in 2018.

Rising demand for breakfast cereals and snack bars in India is resulting in some of the largest global growth numbers, past and forward looking. That’s the reason many companies like Saffola, Kellogs, Nestle, Britannia, Pepsi, ITC, MTR, Marico Bagrry’s etc have entered the same space by making the indigenous, masala or spice based recipe versions to attract more traditional Indians to adopt these Oats in the form of Masala oats, spice oats, OatsUpma, Oats Dosa etc cloning to be the next generation replacement for traditional Idli and Dosas.

Many foods, composition is made of proteins, carbohydrates and fats in different propositions with additional minerals and vitamins. All Indian foods have it with varied percentages. New age Indians who thrive on Internet should understand that there is no perfect food which can give you all what you need in one go. But a combination of traditional foods and good lifestyle with physical work to body will be the best diet for an Indian body. This was much adopted by our parents and people before 80’s and 90’s but somewhere we lost over the last 30 years being easy prey to many MNC’s false propaganda. Do remember that our ancestors were much stronger than us, so just think what they ate over ages before blindly falling to the false propaganda and narrations from biased people. Homemade Indian breakfast with a moderate workout or physical activity is the best source of healthy diet to Indians not just the Oats.